Care & Maintenance Tips

Eyelash extensions last from 2-4 weeks depending on an individual's lifestyle. Here are some tips to prolong the duration:

1. When washing your face, avoid intensive rubbing/ soaping near the extension areas.

2. Avoid high temperature enclosures (eg. sauna, jacuzzi)

3. Do not swim

4. Do not use oil-based makeup removal product

5. Do not rub your eyes; use eyedrops to sooth in case of discomfort and redness

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Eyelash Extensions

Cluster Lashes

Natural Series

Our Natural series look and feel very realistic because they are up to only 0.1mm thin. They are very natural and comfortable to put on and suits customers with light make-up and prefer the natural look.

These are multi-strand lashes in clusters. They are ideal for those who usually put on make-up and prefer a glamorous appearance. Multi-strand lashes are also recommended for clients with sparsely-spreaded eyelashes to acheive more volume.

Single-Strand Lashes

We extend the lashes strand by strand so that they look visually defined. Apart from the usual black, we also have various colours in coffee, black+blue, black +green, black+purple and black+ red, which are good for matching with colour contact lenses.

Premium Lashes

Made with protein-fibre extracted from raw silk, these lashes are unbelievably soft, shiny and light (<0.1mm)...even better than the real thing! Since it is made from natural materials, it is very suitable for people with sensitive eyes.